February 25, 2024



Frequently Asked Questions for The Malay Tribune Newspapers

Q. I found some issues like a broken page or server loading time.
Answer: We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing complications. Please report your issue to support@themalaytribune.com

Q. I want to publish articles or pictures from The Malay Tribune. How do I get copyright permission?
Answer: Write to us  news@themalaytribune.com to get permission. We wish to put on record that the refusal to grant such permission is at our absolute discretion.

Q. How can I keep track of how many articles I have read?
Answer: Sorry, you can’t track your article limit at the moment.

Q. If I don’t want to register as a member, can I still read articles for free?
Answer: Sure, The Malay Tribune Newspaper is absolutely free of cost for worldwide users. You can visit and read our newspaper anytime from anywhere without cost.

Q. Do I need to log in with an online account if I just want to read articles for free as a guest user?
Answer: As our newspaper is free to read and save so far you are not required to open an account.

Q. Do your website keep any history or catch while I am visiting your website?
Answer: No, We do not keep any secret browsing history from our users.


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