June 14, 2024

Local pimple patch brand Dododots collaborates with chat sticker character Quby on mystery pack 

KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 — A Malaysian creation, Dododots (pronounced doh-doh-dots) is the brainchild of Esther Wong and Ethan Wong.

Both grew up battling acne problems and wanted others with the same issues to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin.

The two science graduates then put their medical biotechnology, environment biology and microbiology knowledge together to create the innovative pimple patches in 2021 during the pandemic.

The result was the Dododots beauty patches that are made of 100% hydrocolloid material but fully coloured with various shapes and designs as an alternative to traditional transparent patches.

“We believe that having acne and skin issues should not stop people from being able to step out of the house,” said Dodo Ventures CEO Esther.

“The Dododots team has designed our pimple patches to be fun but functional – all customers have to do is apply a fun Dot that matches their mood or look and then go about their day,” she said, adding that the product is suitable for all skin types and ages


The brand recently announced a collaboration with popular chat sticker character Quby and a continued expansion of its presence through pharmacy brand Guardian.

Dododots revealed its Quby connection by dropping a limited release Dododots x Quby mystery pack which uses the blind box concept. Each mystery pack contains a random sheet of Quby pimple patches from a series of four designs.

The brand is releasing the Dododots x Quby pimple patches as a full collection that will be available at all Guardian outlets in Malaysia and Singapore from tomorrow (June 1).

To commemorate this, Dododots is giving away 500 packs in front of Guardian at Mid Valley Megamall this weekend. Public queuing will commence from 2pm and the giveaway will run while stocks last.

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