June 24, 2024

Malaysian film ‘The Experts’ collects RM10m in less than two weeks of screening

KUALA LUMPUR, June 4 — Action film The Experts is raking it in at the local box-office and the film has passed the RM10 million collection mark in less than two weeks.

The film produced by Astro Shaw in collaboration with ZAK Capital and TGV Pictures has been the talk of local cinemagoers since its release on May 23, in part thanks to the film’s tour series over the weekend where the cast of the film including Datuk Aaron Aziz, Syafiq Kyle, Mimi Lana and Ray Dapdap met with hundreds of fans in Johor and Melaka.

The cast also held a meet and greet session with fans at selected cinemas in the Klang Valley yesterday (April 3).

Astro Shaw head and the film producer Raja Jastina Raja Arshad have praised local audiences for their overwhelming support on the film as well as the production team.

“This success was the result of the team effort who had worked on The Experts as well as the great support from audiences who believed in local works.

“We hope The Experts continues to win the hearts of the audience and strengthens the position of Malaysian films in competing with international films.”


The Experts follows the story of five siblings who are ex-thieves, each with his or her own unique ‘expertise’, who have to steal an heirloom ring after being blackmailed by a vicious gangster.

Tony Eusoff, Maya Karin and Wan Hanafi Su also star as the film’s antagonists, a powerful crime family who are the keepers of the ring.

The siblings must work together and face their past grudges to pull off a seemingly impossible theft or risk losing it all.

The film is currently showing at local cinemas nationwide.

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