May 18, 2024

Sweatpants are making a stylish statement in the fashion world

NEW YORK, April 24 — Who said quiet luxury was top of fashion trends? A far cry from pegged pants, moccasins and cashmere turtlenecks, sweatpants seem to be dominating the fashion scene. Incredible as it may seem, models, influencers and other fashionistas seem to have adopted this sportswear staple, previously a no-no for fashion’s front row.

Long gone are the days when Anna Wintour posed in sweatpants in front of a vintage desk, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This break from the norm caused quite a stir at the time, and made jogging pants the new star of women’s wardrobes. But when lockdowns lifted and restrictions eased, it was a different story altogether, with fashion preferring to fuse chic and casual styles — with a marked infatuation for the 2000s — relegating joggers to the background. However, jogging pants don’t seem to have disappeared entirely. In fact, they’ve recently been spotted at Fashion Weeks, and are now the talk of the fashion world — sweet revenge for an item that has long been reviled.

A new chic style


Here, however, it’s not about wearing sweatpants as you would go for a run, do your workout or even run to the store on a Sunday morning. In fact, jogging pants are getting a stylish revamp, worn with chic and sophisticated pieces. And this is undoubtedly what makes all the difference in today’s trend. It’s no longer a question of slipping into joggers to lounge around the house, but of showing them off as an ultra-desirable fashion item in their own right. World-famous models and influencers, from Dua Lipa and Chiara Ferragni to Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and Georgina Rodriguez, have rocked the trend with style.

Rodriguez recently posed on social networks in an outfit that would have made Anna Wintour shudder a few years ago, with oversized jogging pants paired with a strapless corset, a fur jacket and pointed-toe pumps. A look that didn’t go unnoticed, clearly helping to revive the appeal of sweatpants. And the star is far from alone in transforming this sports-inspired piece into a fashion must-have.

According to the global fashion search engine Stylight, clicks for the ‘sweatpants’ category have risen by no less than 208 per cent in just one year. And that’s just the beginning, if the street-style looks spotted at last year’s Fashion Weeks are anything to go by. So how should you style track pants to nail the trend? The best way is to break up the sportswear-inspired look, especially with pumps or loafers. However, it is possible to wear joggers with sneakers, but in this case, you need to opt for a more sophisticated top, like a strapless top, a blouse or a shirt. And if possible, accessorise the look with statement jewellery, as @Lara Bsmnn recently did.

For this data, Stylight compared its users’ search behaviour for the period February 1 to March 20, 2024 with the same period in 2023. — ETX Studio

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