July 13, 2024

‘Bridgerton’ season three rockets past 90 million views, lands in Netflix’s most-watched list

‘Bridgerton’ season three rockets past 90 million views, lands in Netflix’s most-watched list

LONDON, July 5 — The latest season of Bridgerton has captivated Netflix subscribers. This third season of the romantic period drama has exceeded 90 million views, earning it a place it in the top ten most-watched English-language TV shows in the platform’s history.

Bridgerton is a hit for Netflix. According to the latest figures from the US streaming giant, the third season of the Shonda Rhimes show has moved into 10th place in the list of most-watched English-language shows of all time on the streaming platform.

According to Netflix analytics, the series has achieved 91.9 million views since May 16, when the first part of the season three was launched on the streaming platform.

Netflix measures the audience for its programs during the first 91 days after their launch on the platform. To date, as Variety points out, the American streamer has only counted data for the third season of “Bridgerton” from May 16 to June 30, ie, over just 45 days. The success of this period show is therefore likely to increase still further.


“Bridgerton” is the only show to have all of its three seasons feature in the list of most popular English-language TV shows on Netflix. While the third season, starring Nicola Coughlan, achieved over 91 million views, the second season takes ninth place in the list with 93.8 million. The first season is in fourth place with 113.3 million views.

“Stranger Things” sees its third season in eighth place with 94.8 million views. The fourth season of the fantasy show takes second place with 140.7 million views. First place is still held by “Wednesday: Season 1” with 252.1 million views. — ETX Studio


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